• Sunrise:04:43
  • Date:30.05.2023
  • Frame:00:18:04
  • Uploaded:07:16

black wrap paynes grey boiling white breakers with a rose lamplight over twenty-four cycling triads

  • Sunrise:04:44
  • Date:29.05.2023
  • Frame:00:18:03
  • Uploaded:08:15

lemon peach rising under dark manganese with cold northerly whitecaps

  • Sunrise:04:51
  • Date:27.05.2023
  • Frame:00:18:01
  • Uploaded:05:44

warm half light and chill morning mist with four dormers

  • Sunrise:04:48
  • Date:25.05.2023
  • Frame:00:17:23
  • Uploaded:07:59

iron just drawn from the forge with seven balsa wood turbines

  • Sunrise:04:50
  • Date:23.05.2023
  • Frame:00:17:21
  • Uploaded:08:20

blush paynes over burnt umber and bone black

  • Sunrise:04:57
  • Date:21.05.2023
  • Frame:00:17:19
  • Uploaded:05:48

two luffing-jibs soft lemon rose gold gradient over gable ends and dormers

  • Sunrise:05:06
  • Date:17.05.2023
  • Frame:00:17:15
  • Uploaded:06:41

lemon tower balconies cut globe in rose gold lined stratus with hawthorn

  • Sunrise:05:08
  • Date:16.05.2023
  • Frame:00:17:14
  • Uploaded:06:41

baby blue rose gold gradient with yolk tower jib

  • Sunrise:05:10
  • Date:15.05.2023
  • Frame:00:17:13
  • Uploaded:10:36

polyurethane skylight and satellite dish on a flat parapet roof

  • Sunrise:05:05
  • Date:14.05.2023
  • Frame:00:17:12
  • Uploaded:06:29

two gulls port buoy diffuse blush accent on cyc with viridian band

  • Sunrise:05:09
  • Date:10.05.2023
  • Frame:00:17:08
  • Uploaded:07:59

smooth cadmium and titanium finger with soft paynes

  • Sunrise:05:21
  • Date:08.05.2023
  • Frame:00:17:06
  • Uploaded:06:21

box over cadmium and spring chlorophyll with double jib space frames

  • Sunrise:05:19
  • Date:04.05.2023
  • Frame:00:17:03
  • Uploaded:07:19

turbines lost in blanket of soft mauve rose over silver

  • Sunrise:05:21
  • Date:03.05.2023
  • Frame:00:17:02
  • Uploaded:08:13

inverted pupil on crimson wash with contrail and small dark clouds

  • Sunrise:05:47
  • Date:23.04.2023
  • Frame:00:16:16
  • Uploaded:07:24

smokestack or the inexplicable muzzle of a dog or the oracle of all that is most violent in our present-day world

  • Sunrise:05:57
  • Date:18.04.2023
  • Frame:00:16:11
  • Uploaded:07:26

skeletal marionettes over ochre maroon gradient and crimson clouds

  • Sunrise:06:02
  • Date:14.04.2023
  • Frame:00:16:07
  • Uploaded:06:55

made landfall after deep convection became symmetric around the low-level circulation center

  • Sunrise:06:04
  • Date:13.04.2023
  • Frame:00:16:06
  • Uploaded:07:19

Naples under Paynes It has been before so it shall be again

  • Sunrise:06:15
  • Date:07.04.2023
  • Frame:00:16:00
  • Uploaded:07:55

a ballast of light chromium oxide and Viridian under pale paynes and rose gold

  • Sunrise:06:17
  • Date:06.04.2023
  • Frame:00:15:23
  • Uploaded:07:12

West or southwest three to five occasionally six later Smooth or slight becoming slight or moderate

  • Sunrise:06:21
  • Date:04.04.2023
  • Frame:00:15:21
  • Uploaded:07:02

rose gold Egyptian eye with contrail banding over prussian blue blanket

  • Sunrise:06:35
  • Date:31.03.2023
  • Frame:00:15:17
  • Uploaded:08:44

wet slate crests under developers acid red beacon

  • Sunrise:06:47
  • Date:27.03.2023
  • Frame:00:15:13
  • Uploaded:07:44

with sparrows song this soft rose whisper a sensation of age asks ease

  • Sunrise:05:48
  • Date:23.03.2023
  • Frame:00:15:09
  • Uploaded:09:42
a diagonal soft rose rising over flat blue grey and silver black foreground
  • Sunrise:05:53
  • Date:21.03.2023
  • Frame:00:15:07
  • Uploaded:07:01
I gazed
and gazed
but little thought
What wealth the show to me had brought
  • Sunrise:05:55
  • Date:20.03.2023
  • Frame:00:15:06
  • Uploaded:06:53

the not doing of the apertures flicker fixed like the vernal stasis of dark equal light

  • Sunrise:05:58
  • Date:19.03.2023
  • Frame:00:15:05
  • Uploaded:06:55

one soft breaker under prussian ultramarine mauve and silver paynes

  • Sunrise:06:00
  • Date:18.03.2023
  • Frame:00:15:04
  • Uploaded:07:07

serpent’s eye under burnt sienna blush altocumulus with paynes grey titanium white ochre over ultramarine and manganese blue wash

  • Sunrise:06:14
  • Date:17.03.2023
  • Frame:00:15:03
  • Uploaded:07:02

concrete over copper on brown render with UPVC and florescent bulk head

  • Sunrise:06:04
  • Date:16.03.2023
  • Frame:00:15:02
  • Uploaded:07:12

without message dissolved in grey a distant calligraphic flock

  • Sunrise:06:07
  • Date:15.03.2023
  • Frame:00:15:01
  • Uploaded:07:22

rising bright gold double beat with ten bar crow movement

  • Sunrise:06:09
  • Date:14.03.2023
  • Frame:00:15:00
  • Uploaded:07:13

graphite wash with titanium power over grainy wheat glow

  • Sunrise:06:19
  • Date:12.03.2023
  • Frame:00:14:22
  • Uploaded:07:08

galvanised aerial of calm gradation with suburban terracotta over sea of slated roofs

  • Sunrise:06:33
  • Date:06.03.2023
  • Frame:00:14:16
  • Uploaded:07:36

flat thistle behind light cone and crimson windows

  • Sunrise:06:31
  • Date:04.03.2023
  • Frame:00:14:14
  • Uploaded:07:48

characters out of frame in the rape of europa

  • Sunrise:06:33
  • Date:03.03.2023
  • Frame:00:14:13
  • Uploaded:06:51

crimson wing tip over rose gold gradient flare

  • Sunrise:06:35
  • Date:02.03.2023
  • Frame:00:14:12
  • Uploaded:06:59

old believers soft icon halo of crimson silver leaf

  • Sunrise:06:37
  • Date:01.03.2023
  • Frame:00:14:11
  • Uploaded:07:28

slow exclamation gradating with bright crimson line

  • Sunrise:06:57
  • Date:24.02.2023
  • Frame:00:14:06
  • Uploaded:07:44

rose mauve cerulean with blackthorn bloom

  • Sunrise:06:54
  • Date:21.02.2023
  • Frame:00:14:03
  • Uploaded:07:57

in a receding mist the faceless ballast of an incurious beacon

  • Sunrise:06:56
  • Date:20.02.2023
  • Frame:00:14:02
  • Uploaded:07:39

nondescript grey with barely visible mauve highlight on black and deep Prussian blue

  • Sunrise:07:00
  • Date:19.02.2023
  • Frame:00:14:01
  • Uploaded:07:12

your face reflecting deaf titanium white lemon rose stoned over black corduroy

  • Sunrise:07:00
  • Date:18.02.2023
  • Frame:00:14:00
  • Uploaded:08:01

lemon pink rose bud into ivory black and paynes grey

  • Sunrise:07:04
  • Date:16.02.2023
  • Frame:00:13:22
  • Uploaded:09:22

Turkic crescent over soft rose ruddy bleed

  • Sunrise:07:06
  • Date:15.02.2023
  • Frame:00:13:21
  • Uploaded:07:42

a pale crimson rise

as if a smile over the waters made burnt contrail pendants

  • Sunrise:07:09
  • Date:13.02.2023
  • Frame:00:13:19
  • Uploaded:08:21

tiered water shadows of seven gliding geese

  • Sunrise:07:16
  • Date:10.02.2023
  • Frame:00:13:16
  • Uploaded:08:33

burnt umber whisps over devotion gradient with contrail crucifixion

  • Sunrise:07:17
  • Date:09.02.2023
  • Frame:00:13:15
  • Uploaded:07:59

a deep cadmium ocean yawn with cloud burn

  • Sunrise:07:18
  • Date:08.02.2023
  • Frame:00:13:14
  • Uploaded:08:07

surfacing from umber maroon mist with rose gold slash

  • Sunrise:07:19
  • Date:07.02.2023
  • Frame:00:13:13
  • Uploaded:08:08

rose lined burnt umber with cadmium blood lemon over cerulean and manganese

  • Sunrise:07:20
  • Date:06.02.2023
  • Frame:00:13:12
  • Uploaded:08:18

rose gold finger from soft hole in the sky to hanging maroon grey alto puff

  • Sunrise:07:23
  • Date:05.02.2023
  • Frame:00:13:11
  • Uploaded:08:02

deep yellow ochre gradient with gold lined burnt umber stratocumulus over umbre Prussian sea

  • Sunrise:07:25
  • Date:04.02.2023
  • Frame:00:13:10
  • Uploaded:08:24

fugitive alizarin ultramarine sirrostratus with deep ochre and pale blue light

  • Sunrise:07:27
  • Date:03.02.2023
  • Frame:00:13:09
  • Uploaded:08:07

an east house rose white dawn over sea graves

  • Sunrise:07:33
  • Date:02.02.2023
  • Frame:00:13:08
  • Uploaded:08:22

overcome predetermined outcomes with mid half lemon bronze rose over ochre slice

  • Sunrise:07:33
  • Date:31.01.2023
  • Frame:00:13:06
  • Uploaded:10:37

then dubious of this pregnant veiled mystery

  • Sunrise:07:33
  • Date:30.01.2023
  • Frame:00:13:05
  • Uploaded:08:12

azure orison of sharp contrails for safe passage on calm sea

  • Sunrise:07:36
  • Date:28.01.2023
  • Frame:00:13:03
  • Uploaded:08:54

at first below grey lid still a glimmer over a deep Jade cooked almost black

  • Sunrise:07:37
  • Date:27.01.2023
  • Frame:00:13:02
  • Uploaded:09:20

old cold permanent orange lemon line fan over grey band black channel

  • Sunrise:07:43
  • Date:22.01.2023
  • Frame:00:12:21
  • Uploaded:08:01

shy ray on paynes grey with silver plateau over slate

  • Sunrise:07:52
  • Date:20.01.2023
  • Frame:00:12:19
  • Uploaded:08:18

iron oxide banding over dark star and deep yellow cadmium

  • Sunrise:07:49
  • Date:16.01.2023
  • Frame:00:12:15
  • Uploaded:08:02

titanium rouge slate Nimbostratus over a dark pthalo viridian

  • Sunrise:07:52
  • Date:15.01.2023
  • Frame:00:12:14
  • Uploaded:08:37

candle flame punch over grey black retreats and horizontals

  • Sunrise:07:53
  • Date:11.01.2023
  • Frame:00:12:10
  • Uploaded:09:09

titanium white gold rising to azure and petrol gradient with light dabbed lemon puffs

  • Sunrise:08:01
  • Date:09.01.2023
  • Frame:00:12:08
  • Uploaded:09:06

tall stark grey blue cloth with pale yellow globe

  • Sunrise:07:55
  • Date:08.01.2023
  • Frame:00:12:07
  • Uploaded:08:55

yearning contrail lose self ochre gradient whispering wind reappear

  • Sunrise:07:55
  • Date:07.01.2023
  • Frame:00:12:06
  • Uploaded:08:56

Mesozoic shadow puppet on lateral freight burn

  • Sunrise:07:56
  • Date:06.01.2023
  • Frame:00:12:05
  • Uploaded:10:03

Naples yellow wash with iron oxide orange over an ochre cloud bank against a lamp black divide

  • Sunrise:07:56
  • Date:05.01.2023
  • Frame:00:12:04
  • Uploaded:08:41

pink cotton on drawn grey with soft cadmium lemon masks titanium blue and rose gold light waves over raw umber

  • Sunrise:07:56
  • Date:03.01.2023
  • Frame:00:12:02
  • Uploaded:08:55

enormous resolved sorrow grey haunted eye slit

  • Sunrise:08:09
  • Date:29.12.2022
  • Frame:00:11:21
  • Uploaded:08:22

Tatooine binary bioactive modulated filed emitters

  • Sunrise:08:08
  • Date:26.12.2022
  • Frame:00:11:18
  • Uploaded:08:48

raised corn yellow lamp burst over a burning ochre gradient with phantom cloud blush

  • Sunrise:07:55
  • Date:24.12.2022
  • Frame:00:11:16
  • Uploaded:10:03

the foggy march of power lines with a golden dawn cyclops

  • Sunrise:07:55
  • Date:23.12.2022
  • Frame:00:11:15
  • Uploaded:09:17

twenty-third dizzy spherical aberration dream

  • Sunrise:07:53
  • Date:19.12.2022
  • Frame:00:11:11
  • Uploaded:08:31

about this fevered castle poached in brown moat bounds

  • Sunrise:08:02
  • Date:16.12.2022
  • Frame:00:11:08
  • Uploaded:08:37

aspect turquoise nail ratio is woolly against sun over city

  • Sunrise:07:48
  • Date:13.12.2022
  • Frame:00:11:05
  • Uploaded:08:48

industry sea cadmium red silhouette with stretched white gold and gull over dark sub zero

  • Sunrise:07:47
  • Date:11.12.2022
  • Frame:00:11:03
  • Uploaded:08:50

clementine blush glow on grey black awe over rose silver

  • Sunrise:07:45
  • Date:10.12.2022
  • Frame:00:11:02
  • Uploaded:09:29

shipping channel for crisp rose gold rise over republic with cloud bank lining

  • Sunrise:07:42
  • Date:07.12.2022
  • Frame:00:10:23
  • Uploaded:08:11

silver light with slow grey waves to an eight O eight beat

  • Sunrise:07:40
  • Date:05.12.2022
  • Frame:00:10:21
  • Uploaded:08:22

clods washed away fountains of the great deep

  • Sunrise:07:36
  • Date:02.12.2022
  • Frame:00:10:18
  • Uploaded:08:35

HUNTING with an almost motionless Peregrine on cold high tide

  • Sunrise:07:33
  • Date:01.12.2022
  • Frame:00:10:17
  • Uploaded:08:37

cold rain good passing velvet maroon pulse just

  • Sunrise:07:33
  • Date:30.11.2022
  • Frame:00:10:16
  • Uploaded:08:26

peach soft end November hard before winter

  • Sunrise:07:31
  • Date:29.11.2022
  • Frame:00:10:15
  • Uploaded:08:19

ha look but to what point to mark the day after the two-hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the man birth who is christened namer of clouds

  • Sunrise:07:30
  • Date:28.11.2022
  • Frame:00:10:14
  • Uploaded:08:38

a jump dogs teeth rip the blue fleece to reveal a warm rose

  • Sunrise:07:39
  • Date:27.11.2022
  • Frame:00:10:13
  • Uploaded:08:51

autumn umber and ochre with skeletal still stand

  • Sunrise:07:27
  • Date:26.11.2022
  • Frame:00:10:12
  • Uploaded:08:25

nucleus test strip with candyfloss darling

  • Sunrise:07:33
  • Date:25.11.2022
  • Frame:00:10:11
  • Uploaded:08:48

a pleasing geometry through the cloud bank watched in company of a stranger with long covid

  • Sunrise:07:30
  • Date:23.11.2022
  • Frame:00:10:09
  • Uploaded:08:14

drip drab but porridge and roasted cashew

  • Sunrise:07:19
  • Date:22.11.2022
  • Frame:00:10:08
  • Uploaded:08:01

pregnant grey cloud with white pin prick in rain haze

  • Sunrise:07:10
  • Date:17.11.2022
  • Frame:00:10:03
  • Uploaded:09:55

rain solid for two days three nights then clear fresh milky cave pools and a large cliff fall of broken naked white chalk strewn across the beach

  • Sunrise:07:13
  • Date:13.11.2022
  • Frame:00:09:23
  • Uploaded:07:47

don’t think eh more fog fun compositional organize competitive composing cordon for instruction game

  • Sunrise:07:14
  • Date:12.11.2022
  • Frame:00:09:22
  • Uploaded:07:39

smooth pink silvered reflection with the deep current barely visible

  • Sunrise:06:59
  • Date:10.11.2022
  • Frame:00:09:20
  • Uploaded:07:35

morning moon sets in a yellow pink sunrise

  • Sunrise:07:07
  • Date:08.11.2022
  • Frame:00:09:18
  • Uploaded:08:53

woke to a thames skein with burlesque power Sylvie still breathing

  • Sunrise:06:49
  • Date:03.11.2022
  • Frame:00:09:13
  • Uploaded:07:45

the camera strap pulled tight sung in the wind

  • Sunrise:06:47
  • Date:02.11.2022
  • Frame:00:09:12
  • Uploaded:07:05

steel grey cloud wave with puff salmon crest

  • Sunrise:06:53
  • Date:31.10.2022
  • Frame:00:09:10
  • Uploaded:07:32

through skeletal fingers a dawn bleed in jaundice yellow

  • Sunrise:06:42
  • Date:30.10.2022
  • Frame:00:09:09
  • Uploaded:07:22

faint quiver on the water under grey dusty dawn glow

  • Sunrise:07:40
  • Date:29.10.2022
  • Frame:00:09:08
  • Uploaded:08:54

a barely visible glimmering circle on paynes grey horizon

  • Sunrise:07:36
  • Date:27.10.2022
  • Frame:00:09:06
  • Uploaded:08:16

the clouds lit up orange and deep scarlet black

  • Sunrise:07:35
  • Date:26.10.2022
  • Frame:00:09:05
  • Uploaded:08:24

a thin orange strip squeezed between a purple black sky and grey black sea

  • Sunrise:07:33
  • Date:25.10.2022
  • Frame:00:09:04
  • Uploaded:08:38

a yellow gold gap tower rises in a paynes grey cloud over the silvered sea with mists of rain falling onto a thin dark horizontal line

  • Sunrise:07:40
  • Date:24.10.2022
  • Frame:00:09:03
  • Uploaded:08:10

hot yellow white strip under a vast dark grey wash with rose pink segments highlighting clouds over a downtown city with residential houses and a park

  • Sunrise:07:39
  • Date:23.10.2022
  • Frame:00:09:02
  • Uploaded:08:22

a thin black lamppost on a grey blue misted ground with a pink mauve just apparent

  • Sunrise:07:16
  • Date:22.10.2022
  • Frame:00:09:01
  • Uploaded:08:12

solo un po’ di rosso, torvo e splendido, seminacosto, amaro, senza gioia: una rosa. Pende umile

  • Sunrise:07:15
  • Date:20.10.2022
  • Frame:00:08:23
  • Uploaded:08:01

a pool halo of light hits the surface of the horizon on a silvered sea under darkened clouds and pale yellow backdrop

  • Sunrise:07:11
  • Date:19.10.2022
  • Frame:00:08:22
  • Uploaded:08:52

time bends the horizon over the ancient town

  • Sunrise:07:10
  • Date:18.10.2022
  • Frame:00:08:21
  • Uploaded:08:44

big ship setting a compass to the earth with red over yellow and small boat

  • Sunrise:07:19
  • Date:17.10.2022
  • Frame:00:08:20
  • Uploaded:08:10

pin bulb over dark blue to black gradient

  • Sunrise:07:23
  • Date:14.10.2022
  • Frame:00:08:17
  • Uploaded:08:01

the grey mist of construction with red dot lattice towers

  • Sunrise:07:13
  • Date:13.10.2022
  • Frame:00:08:16
  • Uploaded:08:11

lost within a full grey division searching for a pitiful horizon

  • Sunrise:07:11
  • Date:12.10.2022
  • Frame:00:08:15
  • Uploaded:08:23

on repeat a certainty this yearnful gold holds short embrace

  • Sunrise:07:06
  • Date:09.10.2022
  • Frame:00:08:12
  • Uploaded:07:46

up light on orange peal scarification with the fore in a deep purple clarity

  • Sunrise:07:11
  • Date:07.10.2022
  • Frame:00:08:10
  • Uploaded:07:58

swoop and glide over it with butterscotch vapour

  • Sunrise:06:59
  • Date:05.10.2022
  • Frame:00:08:08
  • Uploaded:08:16

not a single flame burns in this arid inferno

  • Sunrise:07:00
  • Date:04.10.2022
  • Frame:00:08:07
  • Uploaded:08:45

honey roast ghost town size ship with cloud smudge over dark grey sea

  • Sunrise:06:58
  • Date:01.10.2022
  • Frame:00:08:04
  • Uploaded:06:42

a dark umber plowed field and a white gold bowl sits over the trees on the horizon hidden behind a light mauve cloud with neon yellow lining and a naples sky

  • Sunrise:07:00
  • Date:30.09.2022
  • Frame:00:08:03
  • Uploaded:07:33

athletic white lines on maroon with stadium lights held in mist

  • Sunrise:06:59
  • Date:29.09.2022
  • Frame:00:08:02
  • Uploaded:07:09

hit with the first rays a rising pillar of smoke billows between trees and is reflected as a long orange finger stretching across a black silver Thames

  • Sunrise:06:48
  • Date:28.09.2022
  • Frame:00:08:01
  • Uploaded:07:04

dark crimson glow with paynes grey and ultramarine blue sky rises on a naples yellow ground over silver blue sea with black wave suspense

  • Sunrise:06:46
  • Date:27.09.2022
  • Frame:00:08:00
  • Uploaded:07:01

jet horizon with grey black cumulous rising into a pale naples yellow and white sky with silver slate sea

  • Sunrise:06:45
  • Date:26.09.2022
  • Frame:00:07:23
  • Uploaded:07:23

grey blue white cumulous and altostratus over paynes and slate sea

  • Sunrise:06:42
  • Date:25.09.2022
  • Frame:00:07:22
  • Uploaded:07:47

orange emanates into cumulous with jet flat horizon and pin gold orb with rain haze and slate sea

  • Sunrise:06:42
  • Date:24.09.2022
  • Frame:00:07:21
  • Uploaded:07:39

blue corner with grey on grey on pitch black

  • Sunrise:06:40
  • Date:23.09.2022
  • Frame:00:07:20
  • Uploaded:07:33

pale flat hazy blue sky over a uranian sea centered on a dull smudge of violet

  • Sunrise:06:38
  • Date:22.09.2022
  • Frame:00:07:19
  • Uploaded:07:10

squashed pearl white circle shines from centre of crimson wash with small pair of white purple clouds over hard lined grey blue horizon and sliver pink sea

  • Sunrise:06:37
  • Date:21.09.2022
  • Frame:00:07:18
  • Uploaded:07:23

bright white chilli red apex bleads out from hard lined jet horizon into a deep maroon sea

  • Sunrise:06:44
  • Date:20.09.2022
  • Frame:00:07:17
  • Uploaded:07:29

lens star spider web silhouette through oak tree at dawn

  • Sunrise:06:42
  • Date:19.09.2022
  • Frame:00:07:16
  • Uploaded:07:18

diamond steel mesh fence in front of gold purple dawn with silhouetted trees

  • Sunrise:06:32
  • Date:18.09.2022
  • Frame:00:07:15
  • Uploaded:07:11

blue grey Cumulonus clouds rise low over a light silver sea with swathe of cirrocumulous above thin low pink light line

  • Sunrise:06:31
  • Date:17.09.2022
  • Frame:00:07:14
  • Uploaded:06:52

large paynes grey Cumulonimbus clouds rise over a dark silver and black sea and a naples yellow and purple sky with thin line of cadmium neon yellow

  • Sunrise:06:27
  • Date:16.09.2022
  • Frame:00:07:13
  • Uploaded:07:18

thin line of cadmium neon yellow and red at the centre of some grim smirk in large paynes grey volume rise over dark silver black sea with naples yellow wash behind

  • Sunrise:06:26
  • Date:15.09.2022
  • Frame:00:07:12
  • Uploaded:07:04

soft rose gold and cadmium yellow saucer clouds over a dark silver and black sea

  • Sunrise:06:25
  • Date:14.09.2022
  • Frame:00:07:11
  • Uploaded:07:44

again the blue grey sky stands heavy but this time over a prussian blue slice of ocean

  • Sunrise:06:24
  • Date:13.09.2022
  • Frame:00:07:10
  • Uploaded:07:23

a deep woolly purple sky stands heavy over a dark slice of ocean with a small stab of orange illuminated over the horizon

  • Sunrise:06:23
  • Date:12.09.2022
  • Frame:00:07:09
  • Uploaded:07:11

a deep dark umber seaweed lies over a dimly lit rock pool with small glimmer of reflected light

  • Sunrise:06:30
  • Date:11.09.2022
  • Frame:00:07:08
  • Uploaded:07:11

indistinct green oak vegetation fills foreground with misty buildings and a soft pink and light cobalt blue with half cherry elipse

  • Sunrise:06:28
  • Date:10.09.2022
  • Frame:00:07:07
  • Uploaded:06:53

dark indistinct oak vegetation fills the foreground then a flat blue grey nimbostratus as distant mountain range dwarfs fogged city horizon silhouetted by a light Naples yellow

  • Sunrise:06:18
  • Date:09.09.2022
  • Frame:00:07:06
  • Uploaded:06:58

whilst a dark wave rises in foreground a sombre grey white cumulus feathers over pale powder blue rising to dark paynes grey and dark prussian blue horizonal streak with silvery pink blue seascape

  • Sunrise:06:16
  • Date:08.09.2022
  • Frame:00:07:05
  • Uploaded:06:52

enormous dark grey white cumulus fills left of frame whilst behind emanates light powder rose in a mauve sky over a black yellow sea

  • Sunrise:06:15
  • Date:07.09.2022
  • Frame:00:07:04
  • Uploaded:06:47

black sky over black sea white gold central eminence beckoning vertical finger of golden wave dash daubs

  • Sunrise:06:13
  • Date:06.09.2022
  • Frame:00:07:03
  • Uploaded:06:53

this silhouetted ship approaches a pearl drop sun perched on the horizon of a black sea then still a dark cloud frames the sky

  • Sunrise:06:20
  • Date:05.09.2022
  • Frame:00:07:02
  • Uploaded:07:01

squashed arc on a grey hill horizon yellow gold taupe strips over a vermilion glow and a purple mid ground with dimly lit crane and sliver reflected rooftop on a jet black foreground

  • Sunrise:06:10
  • Date:04.09.2022
  • Frame:00:07:01
  • Uploaded:06:56

teardop white bulb punctures a bright vermilion with dashes of gold and taupe over a gold and veridian sea

  • Sunrise:06:08
  • Date:03.09.2022
  • Frame:00:07:00
  • Uploaded:07:12

slate grey sky with a central bright vermilion puncture points its finger across a smooth silver blue sea

  • Sunrise:06:05
  • Date:02.09.2022
  • Frame:00:06:23
  • Uploaded:06:58

circular hole cut in a brick red scarlet cinnabar sky drawn over with streaks and smudges of chalk and gold apposing midway over a slate blue sea

  • Sunrise:06:05
  • Date:01.09.2022
  • Frame:00:06:22
  • Uploaded:06:54

bright white nipple peaks above horizon of a blue black sea with a salmon pink halo gradating into an iceberg sky with wisps of thistle above

  • Sunrise:06:04
  • Date:31.08.2022
  • Frame:00:06:21
  • Uploaded:06:53

electrically illuminated bridge of silhouetted cargo vessel sits on horizon next to a soft gold center that swirls out a salmon orange skin calligraphy that bleeds into a thistle coloured sky that opposes the deep block of blue black sea below

  • Sunrise:06:02
  • Date:30.08.2022
  • Frame:00:06:20
  • Uploaded:06:47

pin prick of bright light in marbled blue salmon sky with black sea and smudged charcoal clouds in foreground

  • Sunrise:06:00
  • Date:29.08.2022
  • Frame:00:06:19
  • Uploaded:06:32

heavy grey blue sky clouded black charcoal opens small egg yolk gold slit of an eye over barely visible white surf dark sea

  • Sunrise:05:59
  • Date:28.08.2022
  • Frame:00:06:18
  • Uploaded:06:23

over a charcoal grey blue sea a seemingly small paynes grey cloud stands momentarily erect its tip illuminated with a hot laterite blush beneath an open circle of independence blue

  • Sunrise:05:57
  • Date:27.08.2022
  • Frame:00:06:17
  • Uploaded:06:48

lone black head appears to surface and a vertical pink finger points across calm watery foreground to a burning horizon with a flat wash of paynes grey that is punctured with a white tear softened by a bitter sweet pink fan

  • Sunrise:05:56
  • Date:26.08.2022
  • Frame:00:06:16
  • Uploaded:05:56

a calm gradient of viridis waters with a flat blue grey sky that holds a dredger on charcoal black horizon dark except for a few small electric specks from within

  • Sunrise:05:54
  • Date:25.08.2022
  • Frame:00:06:15
  • Uploaded:06:32

herring gull signs mother across a rose gold and taup clouded sky with soft corn poppy dome on dim grey misted horizon over a corral copper sea

  • Sunrise:05:53
  • Date:24.08.2022
  • Frame:00:06:14
  • Uploaded:06:46

a rose gold gash with neon yellow outline cuts through dark soot dust sheet to pale tomato glow over black on black horizon melded sea

  • Sunrise:05:59
  • Date:23.08.2022
  • Frame:00:06:13
  • Uploaded:06:34

on the soviet era Post Office tower the dot matrix LED display circulates its sardonic message Good Morning London for those that are awake in this dim grey blue mist

  • Sunrise:05:49
  • Date:22.08.2022
  • Frame:00:06:12
  • Uploaded:06:07

charcoal graphite clouds in a chestnut sky punctured with a white dome that sits on a horizontal rose taup bar to central vertical linear cinnabar wave dab reflection on rose copper sea

  • Sunrise:05:48
  • Date:21.08.2022
  • Frame:00:06:11
  • Uploaded:06:13

tight bright crisp cyber line shivers and cuts through a graphite cloud with smudges over Corn and Chinese yellow sky over silvered battleship grey sea

  • Sunrise:05:47
  • Date:20.08.2022
  • Frame:00:06:10
  • Uploaded:06:24

Sun slice punctures English violet expanse with Chinese yellow cut out holding down five turbines silhouetted on coppered red sea

  • Sunrise:05:45
  • Date:19.08.2022
  • Frame:00:06:09
  • Uploaded:06:17

baleful delft grey cloud fills top of frame with strip flame and flax rays over a sawtooth rain haze behind a deckled edge black horizon with foregrounded silvered sea

  • Sunrise:05:45
  • Date:18.08.2022
  • Frame:00:06:08
  • Uploaded:06:31

in a Polynesian blue sky pregnant with touches of brink pink opens an elliptical salmon eye illuminating the freshly opened soil of a wheat field

  • Sunrise:05:43
  • Date:17.08.2022
  • Frame:00:06:07
  • Uploaded:06:15

industrial red bins in an empty light tarmac sports centre car park look onto the sun rising over roof’s of houses with a salmon pomp and power to powder blue sky above

  • Sunrise:05:41
  • Date:16.08.2022
  • Frame:00:06:06
  • Uploaded:05:56

gable end suburban house windows light up with reflected scarlett fire of rising sun with parched savanna like grass in foreground

  • Sunrise:05:46
  • Date:15.08.2022
  • Frame:00:06:05
  • Uploaded:06:07

sharp chilli red slit punctures neon blue just for Sydneham Woods fervent summer foliage

  • Sunrise:05:37
  • Date:14.08.2022
  • Frame:00:06:04
  • Uploaded:05:57

semi translucent spider illuminated and naked holds onto the center of concentric circled web of its own making

  • Sunrise:05:35
  • Date:13.08.2022
  • Frame:00:06:03
  • Uploaded:05:58

crisp black horizon with a tight turbine triptych silhouetted against a square yellowed sun punctures a flat torch red gradient above swathes of a deep black blue sea with a coral red wash and stripe

  • Sunrise:05:34
  • Date:12.08.2022
  • Frame:00:06:02
  • Uploaded:05:59

turbine triptych silhouetted a squashed puncture in a flat coral cement mixer orange gradient above swathes of light deep blue grey sea

  • Sunrise:05:32
  • Date:11.08.2022
  • Frame:00:06:01
  • Uploaded:05:57

soft focus turbine shroud with blood orange radiance emanates from an ellipse of red finger nail over dark deep blue grey sea

  • Sunrise:05:38
  • Date:10.08.2022
  • Frame:00:06:00
  • Uploaded:05:40

two latitudinal streaks over a yam carrot sky with the figures of a clock tower and crane melding into a pewter horizon behind the still green leaves of summer

  • Sunrise:05:37
  • Date:09.08.2022
  • Frame:00:05:23
  • Uploaded:06:04

tiger scratch across a carrot wash with sentinel clock tower and skeletal crane

  • Sunrise:05:27
  • Date:08.08.2022
  • Frame:00:05:22
  • Uploaded:05:51

a tangerine finger points across a still ocean to a golden pineapple orb bisected by a burnt umber band

  • Sunrise:05:26
  • Date:07.08.2022
  • Frame:00:05:21
  • Uploaded:05:49

awakened from glum restlessness such brilliance destroys

  • Sunrise:05:31
  • Date:05.08.2022
  • Frame:00:05:19
  • Uploaded:05:48

a hole in the sky punches out a dirty golden skylight alone but with television aerials

  • Sunrise:05:21
  • Date:04.08.2022
  • Frame:00:05:18
  • Uploaded:05:55

a tangerine band divides equally a prussian blue sea and sky

  • Sunrise:05:20
  • Date:03.08.2022
  • Frame:00:05:17
  • Uploaded:05:43

no timid peach this brilliant ball will burn your retinas

  • Sunrise:05:18
  • Date:02.08.2022
  • Frame:00:05:16
  • Uploaded:05:43

banding of fire rust and spice over a black sea with majestic silent wind engines turning in the mind

  • Sunrise:05:17
  • Date:01.08.2022
  • Frame:00:05:15
  • Uploaded:05:36

this hot ball appears again from the long dark channel between and again a fire is burning

  • Sunrise:05:15
  • Date:31.07.2022
  • Frame:00:05:14
  • Uploaded:05:33

so soft these hues barely there a crimson crystal like balm elides

  • Sunrise:05:14
  • Date:30.07.2022
  • Frame:00:05:13
  • Uploaded:05:29

power on power is here see it use it rise to it

  • Sunrise:05:21
  • Date:29.07.2022
  • Frame:00:05:12
  • Uploaded:05:46

still drunk by the sun over locked gate in Ravenscourt Park

  • Sunrise:05:10
  • Date:28.07.2022
  • Frame:00:05:11
  • Uploaded:05:37

in the distance something burns with an old church spire and construction

  • Sunrise:05:09
  • Date:27.07.2022
  • Frame:00:05:10
  • Uploaded:05:50

a burning glimmer silvered strip across an equal deckled divide

  • Sunrise:05:08
  • Date:26.07.2022
  • Frame:00:05:09
  • Uploaded:05:42

heavy weather with light pool and flat black

  • Sunrise:05:07
  • Date:25.07.2022
  • Frame:00:05:08
  • Uploaded:05:33

lost in the wheat field scene so familiar in from the mid-west horror

  • Sunrise:05:01
  • Date:21.07.2022
  • Frame:00:05:04
  • Uploaded:05:29

mauve wash with slender tiger yellow disc on a paynes grey horizon line with turbines silhouetted

  • Sunrise:04:48
  • Date:20.07.2022
  • Frame:00:05:03
  • Uploaded:05:32

a gentle warm accretion with a rose petal and lilac haze

  • Sunrise:04:48
  • Date:19.07.2022
  • Frame:00:05:02
  • Uploaded:05:06

all the sentinels have turned to face this days swete brethe while a black wing flies towards this squashed marigold disc and its lone whisp

  • Sunrise:04:56
  • Date:17.07.2022
  • Frame:00:05:00
  • Uploaded:05:13

what lies beneath is just pushing out with cellular osmosis from the flat burnt parapet into a soft flesh


  • Sunrise:04:54
  • Date:15.07.2022
  • Frame:00:04.22
  • Uploaded:05:22

sampling the calm waters a burnt umber limb lies across this watermelon and rose gradient

  • Sunrise:04:53
  • Date:14.07.2022
  • Frame:00:04.21
  • Uploaded:05:13

the water is all but black today bleeding porphyra into the world

  • Sunrise:04:59
  • Date:13.07.2022
  • Frame:00:04.20
  • Uploaded:05:35

and finally an extant therapy arises from within the retail park

  • Sunrise:04:58
  • Date:12.07.2022
  • Frame:00:04.19
  • Uploaded:04:58

everywhere there are these falling stars or burning comets by now we must know of what they foretell and yet we are lead by the blind

  • Sunrise:04:49
  • Date:11.07.2022
  • Frame:00:04.18
  • Uploaded:05:06

this tamarix bush burns but only in the heart

  • Sunrise:04:47
  • Date:09.07.2022
  • Frame:00:04.16
  • Uploaded:05:16

a peripheral vision of a spider amongst the turbines

  • Sunrise:04:45
  • Date:07.07.2022
  • Frame:00:04.14
  • Uploaded:05:03

out of focus black line with blusher and poise

  • Sunrise:04:44
  • Date:06.07.2022
  • Frame:00:04.13
  • Uploaded:04:59

a sea rose gold gilded opens on a vermilion day trip

  • Sunrise:04:51
  • Date:04.07.2022
  • Frame:00:04.11
  • Uploaded:05:11

seven floors with the lights still on and a tree

  • Sunrise:04:47
  • Date:02.07.2022
  • Frame:00:04.09
  • Uploaded:04:53

doe in a rose gold field with lens flare

  • Sunrise:04:40
  • Date:01.07.2022
  • Frame:00:04.08
  • Uploaded:04:40

iridescent neck of the pigeon as rock dove

  • Sunrise:04:39
  • Date:30.06.2022
  • Frame:00:04.07
  • Uploaded:04:39

all night you fought the adversary all night

  • Sunrise:04:36
  • Date:25.06.2022
  • Frame:00:04.02
  • Uploaded:04:36

puke yellow with emerald on a wet burnt umber and caramalised onion base

  • Sunrise:04:36
  • Date:24.06.2022
  • Frame:00:04.01
  • Uploaded:04:36

a pink mauve arm sits in hazy blue grey wash

  • Sunrise:04:36
  • Date:23.06.2022
  • Frame:00:04.00
  • Uploaded:04:36

acid house pink with mauve clouds and highlighter pen linings over a dusty eyelid and picotee blue foreground

  • Sunrise:04:35
  • Date:22.06.2022
  • Frame:00:03.23
  • Uploaded:04:35

peach to madder gradient in company of tridents over a dark grey sea

  • Sunrise:04:43
  • Date:20.06.2022
  • Frame:00:03:21
  • Uploaded:04:43

the beach stands proud and alone for five minutes

  • Sunrise:04:44
  • Date:17.06.2022
  • Frame:00:03:18
  • Uploaded:04:44

golden lined wheat light with tree cleavage

  • Sunrise:04:35
  • Date:16.06.2022
  • Frame:00:03:17
  • Uploaded:04:35

crimson rise and highlights in a burgundy sky over a coral sea

  • Sunrise:04:35
  • Date:15.06.2022
  • Frame:00:03:16
  • Uploaded:04:35

mauve mist morning with a cantaloupe moon and articulated crane arm

  • Sunrise:04:35
  • Date:14.06.2022
  • Frame:00:03:15
  • Uploaded:04:35

powder blue with chalk stripes over periwinkle

  • Sunrise:04:44
  • Date:13.06.2022
  • Frame:00:03:14
  • Uploaded:04:44

at first light a whispy cloud sits as if stricken with that extraordinary malady

  • Sunrise:04:35
  • Date:12.06.2022
  • Frame:00:03:13
  • Uploaded:04:35

Derelict sea fort still stands amidst a Coral Transient Climate Response

  • Sunrise:04:36
  • Date:11.06.2022
  • Frame:00:03:12
  • Uploaded:04:36

pale its announcement accompanied with beach howls

  • Sunrise:04:37
  • Date:08.06.2022
  • Frame:00:03:09
  • Uploaded:04:37

an empathy passes over the water to the light a message of sorts

  • Sunrise:04:38
  • Date:05.06.2022
  • Frame:00:03:06
  • Uploaded:04:38

mauve and prussian with a soft haze in the shape of an ancient sea

  • Sunrise:04:38
  • Date:04.06.2022
  • Frame:00:03:05
  • Uploaded:04:38

carmine and deep burgundy with gently awful stirrings of shadowy forms

  • Sunrise:04:39
  • Date:31.05.2022
  • Frame:00:03:01
  • Uploaded:04:39

the still life of a crimson headless pheasant

  • Sunrise:04:40
  • Date:30.05.2022
  • Frame:00:03:00
  • Uploaded:04:40

tomato and peach gradient with flat mauve cloud over oak

  • Sunrise:04:50
  • Date:23.05.2022
  • Frame:00:02:17
  • Uploaded:04:50

quite black but for the dimmest mauve horizon

  • Sunrise:04:52
  • Date:21.05.2022
  • Frame:00:02:15
  • Uploaded:04:52

again but with a grey blue bank and pale pink slash

  • Sunrise:04:55
  • Date:19.05.2022
  • Frame:00:02:13
  • Uploaded:04:55

that rose gold cloud signals that light is late the light of day is no longer youthful it is ancient

  • Sunrise:04:56
  • Date:18.05.2022
  • Frame:00:02:12
  • Uploaded:04:56

upturned exclamation for dawn moon centered on an acid blue gradient with gull hanging over barber like pole

  • Sunrise:04:58
  • Date:17.05.2022
  • Frame:00:02:11
  • Uploaded:04:58

four sentinels offer a lame symmetry to a pink pupil in a celestial blue iris

  • Sunrise:04:59
  • Date:16.05.2022
  • Frame:00:02:10
  • Uploaded:04:59

that place over there where the ripples have smoothed out and where the dream has ended

  • Sunrise:05:00
  • Date:15.05.2022
  • Frame:00:02:09
  • Uploaded:05:00

and now in form it has become the expanding summit of a red hot volcano about to erupt with pyroclastic flow

  • Sunrise:05:02
  • Date:14.05.2022
  • Frame:00:02:08
  • Uploaded:05:02

without this wave where in the end a dim pink semi-circle rises abreast the ebbs and flows of stippled pastel washes

  • Sunrise:05:03
  • Date:13.05.2022
  • Frame:00:02:07
  • Uploaded:05:03

a solitary questioning trail stop starting its convulsive gesture across the virgin beach

  • Sunrise:05:06
  • Date:12.05.2022
  • Frame:00:02:06
  • Uploaded:05:06

scientists given to postulate that canals on Mars may reveal ancient extraterrestrial life

  • Sunrise:05:08
  • Date:11.05.2022
  • Frame:00:02:05
  • Uploaded:05:08

there’s a hole in the sky that opens with a terrifying splendor

  • Sunrise:05:09
  • Date:10.05.2022
  • Frame:00:02:04
  • Uploaded:05:25

dog fish motions brush around limply on tide edge seemingly perfect but for hollow eye sockets eaten out by gulls

  • Sunrise:05:12
  • Date:08.05.2022
  • Frame:00:02:02
  • Uploaded:05:12

as if a signal of something foretold there are four barely there cloud puffs above this sanguine dome

  • Sunrise:05:14
  • Date:07.05.2022
  • Frame:00:02:01
  • Uploaded:05:14

the vast hulk hangs slightly above the horizon as if it were levitating over a silver sea

  • Sunrise:05:17
  • Date:06.05.2022
  • Frame:00:02:00
  • Uploaded:05:17


  • Sunrise:05:17
  • Date:05.05.2022
  • Frame:00:01:23
  • Uploaded:05:17

spotlit in a hot pink is that mysterious portion of the tide mark that is never halting that is neither land nor sea

  • Sunrise:05:21
  • Date:04.05.2022
  • Frame:00:01:22
  • Uploaded:05:21

Where under the sky’s haemorrhage, slowly tossing In thuds of fever, arch alcohol of song, Pumping over the blues in sudden stains, The bitter redness of love ferment

  • Sunrise:05:26
  • Date:30.04.2022
  • Frame:00:01:18
  • Uploaded:05:26

stoic momentaneous fusion with rose gold grey ray

  • Sunrise:05:28
  • Date:29.04.2022
  • Frame:00:01:17
  • Uploaded:05:28

Fulmar darts over the frothy white caps of a dark turquoise sea

  • Sunrise:05:32
  • Date:27.04.2022
  • Frame:00:01:15
  • Uploaded:05:32

two ships on a pink strip almost crushed between an ultramarine sky and vagrant sea

  • Sunrise:05:34
  • Date:26.04.2022
  • Frame:00:01:14
  • Uploaded:05:34

must we remain transfixed like a lethargic commune of Cnut’s with a rip tide rising around us

  • Sunrise:05:40
  • Date:24.04.2022
  • Frame:00:01:12
  • Uploaded:05:40

the eye – la soleil searching as if it were a blind mouth gasping for the areola rising and falling on the swell of a bosom – la mer nous allaite

  • Sunrise:05:43
  • Date:23.04.2022
  • Frame:00:01:11
  • Uploaded:05:43

the low suns mystic strains say go home recuperate and lie still

  • Sunrise:05:42
  • Date:22.04.2022
  • Frame:00:01:10
  • Uploaded:05:42

the screaming discarded remnants of the joy ride are held in aspic and for a few moments reflected back

  • Sunrise:05:50
  • Date:21.04.2022
  • Frame:00:01:09
  • Uploaded:05:50

Firmness and strength. Genuineness and truth. Brilliance and light. Not eating at home brings great strength

  • Sunrise:05:49
  • Date:20.04.2022
  • Frame:00:01:08
  • Uploaded:05:49

strange pediments of computer generated architectures rejoice in copying and ejaculating their images across the city fueled by the ecstatic meat joy of their human incumbents

  • Sunrise:05:48
  • Date:19.04.2022
  • Frame:00:01:07
  • Uploaded:05:48

a blush or dream stuck in between a nether mind but burning still hot

  • Sunrise:05:52
  • Date:18.04.2022
  • Frame:00:01:06
  • Uploaded:05:50

the unbothered by any of it innocence of the wild species

  • Sunrise:05:59
  • Date:16.04.2022
  • Frame:00:01:04
  • Uploaded:05:59

graphic neon pink contrails and peach ellipse on grey blue with foliage

  • Sunrise:06:00
  • Date:14.04.2022
  • Frame:00:01:02
  • Uploaded:06:00

sports spot light space frame tower in fog

  • Sunrise:06:01
  • Date:13.04.2022
  • Frame:00:01:01
  • Uploaded:06:01

hawthorn hedge with fiery dawn through foliage and bare tree

  • Sunrise:06:05
  • Date:12.04.2022
  • Frame:00:01:00
  • Uploaded:06:05

anti-climb plinth with momentary golden box

  • Sunrise:07:22
  • Date:08.04.2022
  • Frame:00:00:20
  • Uploaded:07:19

plate glass pink in rock face reflects on Santa Maria

  • Sunrise:07:22
  • Date:07.04.2022
  • Frame:00:00:19
  • Uploaded:07:22

immersed in words across the blue mountains

  • Sunrise:07:24
  • Date:05.04.2022
  • Frame:00:00:17
  • Uploaded:07:24

fruit frozen on the vine in a halting fashion between the mountain and the sea

  • Sunrise:07:26
  • Date:04.04.2022
  • Frame:00:00:16
  • Uploaded:07:26

the foothills held a pylon transmuted into pink crucifix

  • Sunrise:06:33
  • Date:03.04.2022
  • Frame:00:00:15
  • Uploaded:07:27

window signals the dawn on a pink mountain side through a bare tree

  • Sunrise:06:33
  • Date:02.04.2022
  • Frame:00:00:14
  • Uploaded:06:33

through the spider crystalline ice sheet window the familiar announcement of a soft gradient from a dusty yellow to powder blue

  • Sunrise:06:27
  • Date:01.04.2022
  • Frame:00:00:13
  • Uploaded:06:27

horizon lost to candy floss pink and blue abstraction with but a few ripples to hold on to

  • Sunrise:06:31
  • Date:30.03.2022
  • Frame:00:00:11
  • Uploaded:06:31

a cold calm on the skin filled with deep memory of their ghosts somewhere the blood of this bleak island conjures men lost at sea battling in sou’westers

  • Sunrise:06:34
  • Date:29.03.2022
  • Frame:00:00:10
  • Uploaded:06:34

breath in the cold wet fog feel it on your lungs and as you exhale find an odd pleasure in saying ‘naught’ like ‘nort’ but also like ‘nowt’ as if from the north but then with that your meditation has ended and everything returns crisp and still here

  • Sunrise:05:41
  • Date:26.03.2022
  • Frame:00:00:07
  • Uploaded:05:41

emerges as a physical memory like an irresistible faint shudder

  • Sunrise:05:43
  • Date:25.03.2022
  • Frame:00:00:06
  • Uploaded:05:43

for a moment the sea resembles a soft flesh mirror that coldly reflects

  • Sunrise:05:45
  • Date:24.03.2022
  • Frame:00:00:05
  • Uploaded:05:45

approaching solipsism or against the general order of things

  • Sunrise:05:48
  • Date:23.03.2022
  • Frame:00:00:04
  • Uploaded:05:48

why fight this vermilion urge to fly high to get away

  • Sunrise:05:50
  • Date:22.03.2022
  • Frame:00:00:03
  • Uploaded:06:50

a rose gold path leads to the soft blue grey horizon

  • Sunrise:05:52
  • Date:21.03.2022
  • Frame:00:00:02
  • Uploaded:06:59

the contrail thrusts its craft as if threatening to leave the Earth

  • Sunrise:05:55
  • Date:20.03.2022
  • Frame:00:00:01
  • Uploaded:05:55

the northern and southern hemispheres are equally illuminated with a soft flesh gradient rising